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Horses Grazing Jigsaw Puzzle

Very Easy Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
00 : 25
Your Time
Average Time
00 : 45

Easy Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
02 : 00
Your Time
Average Time
04 : 01

Normal Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
04 : 38
Your Time
Average Time
21 : 34

Hard Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
07 : 58
Your Time
Average Time
26 : 42

Very Hard Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
17 : 58
Your Time
Average Time
42 : 37

Puzzle Details

Title: Horses Grazing Jigsaw Puzzle

About: A fun jigsaw puzzle based on Rosa Bonheur's famous painting "Horses Grazing". Rosa Bonheur, born Marie-Rosalie Bonheur, (16 March 1822 – 25 May 1899) was a French animalière, realist artist, and sculptor.

Puzzle of the day on: 04-Apr-2012

Image Credit: Marie-Rosalie Bonheur

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