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Halloween Landscape Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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After enabling piece rotation you can rotate a piece by double clicking/ tapping on it or pressing the space key while dragging the piece.

Halloween Landscape Puzzle Details:

About: See the graves, creepy crows, spiders and skeletons by solving this scary Halloween landscape jigsaw puzzle.
Image Credits: Liz West
Puzzle Of The Day On: 25/Oct/2011

Very Easy Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
00 : 13
Your Time
Average Time
00 : 43

Easy Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
01 : 04
Your Time
Average Time
03 : 28

Normal Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
02 : 20
Your Time
Average Time
12 : 31

Hard Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
03 : 31
Your Time
Average Time
23 : 22

Very Hard Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
06 : 26
Your Time
Average Time
57 : 21

Extra Hard Puzzle Time Stats

Best Time
13 : 04
Your Time
Average Time
2 : 46 : 17

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