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Profile Help and FAQ


Q: I can't login. What can I do?

A: Step 1: Make sure you have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser - if you haven't changed any default settings you should be OK.
Step 2: Clear your broser cache and cookies. Follow this link : to see how you can do this in your browser.
Step 3: Come back to our site and refresh the page you are on. Pressing CTRL +F5 or CMD +F5 should do the job.
Step 4: Try to login again. If you are using your Facebook credentials just login on Facebook and hit refresh the page.
If you can't get it to work after following the steps above contact us at: contact [@] dailyjigsawpuzzles [dot] net and we'll assist you further.

Q: How do I rotate the puzzle pices ?

A: You can rotate each piece by double clicking on it.

Q: How do I move the puzzle pices ?

A: You can move each piece by clicking and draging it into place.

Q: How do I know a piece is in the right place ?

A: A piece or a group of pieces will snap to their correct possition as soon as you drag it/them into place. Once your piece or group of pieces is in the right place it will stay there; clicking it won't affect it in any way.

Q: How do I change the puzzle difficulty level ?

A: You can choose from five difficulty levels by adjusting the slider on the top right corner of the site

Q: How do I save a puzzle ?

A: You can save any jigsaw you are working by clicking the save button in the game(top right corner).
You need to be logged in to use the save feature. Saving a game may take a few seconds depending on the number of pieces so please be patient

Q: How do I load a puzzle ?

A: You can see all your saved puzzles on your profile in the "Currently Working On" section. Just click the puzzle you want to load and when the jigsaw loads click to start it then select LOAD from the top left corner. Loading might take a few seconds so be patien.