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Yellow And White S...
Peles Castle
Flower Pot
Strawberry Pancake...
Street In San Fran...
Mountain Village
Rusty Offroader
Troja Palace
Wooden Pig Fountai...
Colorful Umbrellas
Two Baby Monkeys
Fishing Net
Small Croatian Por...
Fresh Lemons
Fast Forest Stream
Fresh Strawberries
Off-Road Truck
Mountain Ridge
Colorful Magazines
Cute Guinea Pig
Old Double Decker ...
Heart Shaped Crayo...
Dogue de Bordeaux
Audi R8
Fresh Lemonade
Violet Clematis Fl...
Pine Needles

More About These Jigsaw Puzzels

Since it's invention in 1760 by John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver, the jigsaw puzzle is the favourite pass time on millions of people around the world. Originally created by painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood, and then cutting that picture into small pieces these kind of games have evolved to the point where you can now play them on any computer, tablet or smart phone; no more lost pieces, no more space needed to store them, just the joy of rebuilding beautiful images piece by piece.

On this page you can browse our free jigsaw puzzle collection - we currently have 1335 free games and counting. With features like: random piece shapes, five difficulty levels, piece rotation, fullscreen mode, zooming in and out, edge piece selection, image preview and save and load functions - our jigsaws offer the best experiece on the web for all types of players from young children, teenagers, adults and seniors. To browse the games on our site just choose a page number above and the image that looks good to you. Hold your mouse cursor over the images to get more details. No downloads or registration is required to start playing! Nothing to install and the jigsaws even work on your iPad, iPhone or Android powered mobile devices.

Haven't found an image that you like? Don't worry you can make your own using our puzzle maker - just select an image from your computer or mobile device (tablet or phone) and a new game will be created for you in just a few seconds.

So choose a puzzle, pick a difficulty level, click start and start putting the pieces back together as fast as you can and get place on our leader board. Each time you finish solving a jigsaw you get points and earn badges. The more point you earn the higher rank you will have. Compete with other players on the website by comparing times and scores - you can see a global user leader board HERE or you can check out your profile page to see your current puzzler rank.

Have fun!
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